Evaluation by SerioSERIO assesses and evaluates the impact of public policy, European and locally-funded interventions and organisational strategies. Using a wide range of research methods, as well as drawing on publically available data and previous research, we are able to provide evidence of impact and help plan for the future.

SERIO has  extensive evaluation experience, from setting up simple project monitoring, to full social, economic and environmental impact evaluations, working with clients from across the public and voluntary sectors.

Finding out what works and why is an essential task for strategic decision makers in the public, private and voluntary sectors. A good evaluation can provide proof of whether a policy or project has worked or not, and also provide us with intelligence on how to improve services in the future. This can help ensure a greater impact, greater buy-in from staff and better value for money.

What makes us different?
When evaluating a policy or programme it is essential to understand what has come before in that sector, and what is likely in the future. Based at Plymouth University, SERIO collaborates with academics from across the institution, as well as other external specialists, in order to provide clients with a unique level of expertise and insight into niche areas.

We work closely with clients at every stage of the research process to ensure that our final reports, presentations and workshops fulfil their organisational objectives and can be easily translated into action or used to lobby others.

SERIO to Advise on the Evaluation of Superfast Cornwall SERIO has been commissioned to provide guidance and advice on the evaluation of the Superfast Cornwall project, and to undertake key tasks for the evaluation itself.
Evaluation of the Catalyst Pluss ProjectSERIO, in collaboration with Plymouth University's School of Social Work, has completed an evaluation of the Catalyst Pluss project in order to assess its impact on project participants and its overall effectiveness.

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Our Expertise

Our expertise

Our core interdisciplinary team includes experts from a variety of backgrounds and we are unique in our ability to draw on specific expert knowledge for each and every project.

Part of Plymouth University, we collaborate with academics from across the institution, as well as other external specialists, in order to provide clients with the best possible expertise and insight


Our Successes

Our successes


SERIO has built a strong track record, working across our key services and areas of expertise. Find out more about the expert knowledge and practical solutions we have provided in previous projects, and the clients we have helped across the private, public and social purpose sectors.