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Integrated Offender Management

Following on from their development of a monitoring framework for Plymouth's integrated offender management scheme, Seven 2 One, SERIO have been commissioned to carry out a review of the costs and potential savings generated by the programme.

The Seven 2 One scheme aims to provide all the partner agencies - including the police and probation services - with a single structure for the management of repeat offenders.

The research will examine the delivery relative to independent provision and of convicting an offender, as well as establishing the scheme's 'break even' point - the required reduction in conviction rates to balance costs. The work will include a review of the available evidence and the development of an economic model, as well as a participatory workshop with the partner agencies to ensure the research is grounded in the real world circumstances.

Social Enterprise in a global context: the role of Higher Education InstitutesThe British Council has commissioned SERIO, and colleagues in Futures Entrepreneurial Centre, at Plymouth University to undertake a global study to inform Social Enterprise policy.
SERIO to conduct an evaluation of SkillsPlannerOver the next two years SERIO will be evaluating an exciting new Ethos-led initiative 'SkillsPlanner' which aims to solve skills shortages in the construction industry.

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