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Evaluation of the Catalyst Pluss Project

SERIO, in collaboration with Plymouth University's School of Social Work, has completed an evaluation of the Catalyst Pluss project in order to assess its impact on project participants and its overall effectiveness.

The Catalyst Pluss project, funded through the Competitiveness European Social Fund Programme, provides assistance to workless people, particularly those who are most disadvantaged in the labour market. The project has established a number of social enterprises that act as Intermediate Labour Markets offering temporary and part time employment opportunities. This paid work is also supplemented with training, personal development and active job seeking support.

The evaluation examined the effectiveness of the project, explored the sustainability and viability of the social enterprises and assessed the additional benefits of the programme in terms of complementing other provision, influencing policy and building partner capacity. The evaluation also determine the added value of the trans-national element of the project and its value for money benchmarked against other European Social Fund or mainstream provision.

Social Enterprise in a global context: the role of Higher Education InstitutesThe British Council has commissioned SERIO, and colleagues in Futures Entrepreneurial Centre, at Plymouth University to undertake a global study to inform Social Enterprise policy.
SERIO to conduct an evaluation of SkillsPlannerOver the next two years SERIO will be evaluating an exciting new Ethos-led initiative 'SkillsPlanner' which aims to solve skills shortages in the construction industry.

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