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Whether looking for an evaluation partner to collaborate on a funding bid, or seeking to commission an independent evaluator to assess your programme, SERIO can offer a bespoke package to meet your needs. We can develop an evaluation framework, tailored to your specific requirements, and refine this through consultation and co-design with both you and your programme stakeholders. The team at SERIO is skilled in programme monitoring; ascertaining what works; gathering credible evidence bases to demonstrate the levels of success achieved; the provision of agile data to inform continuous improvement; articulating best practice; and carrying out return on investment analyses. We can provide both impact and process evaluation services, and are skilled in capturing whole system change. Using a wide range of research methods, as well as drawing on academic expertise, publically available data and prior research, we can provide evidence of impact, and assist in planning for the future. We work closely with clients at every stage of the research process to ensure that our final outputs fulfil their organisational objectives, and can be easily translated into action or used to lobby others.

Social Research

SERIO offers bespoke social research services designed to enhance understanding of complex social phenomena and niche areas. We draw upon a wide range of tried and tested social research methods, alongside the latest innovative means of enquiry, in order to generate insight and inform decision making. Our team is skilled in selecting the most appropriate research solutions, be they quantitative, qualitative, or an appropriate triangulation of the two, in order to address our clients’ needs. We work closely with clients to ensure that the most relevant information is collected in the most cost-effective way, and we will manage projects from design and inception right through to analysis and tailored reporting, ensuring that intelligence generated is presented in a way which is customised appropriately to suit its target audience. All social research carried out by SERIO is governed by University ethical guidelines, and is fully GDPR compliant. Being housed within the University of Plymouth also ensures we have unbridled access to a range of academic resources and specialist expertise to enhance research outputs.

Policy and Strategy

SERIO’s research enables our clients to make informed decisions based on sound intelligence, and to develop effective policy and strategy built on a credible evidence base. Skilled in community consultation, partnership working and stakeholder engagement, the SERIO team can collate intelligence from a multitude of sources, ensuring our clients receive a well-rounded view from all system levels in order to inform next steps. We work with our clients to understand what best practice looks like, and to pave the way for that insight to inform strategy and effect policy change. Our researchers are skilled at reviewing and condensing existing policy and research across a range of complex social, economic and political environments, and can provide a solid contextual foundation for clients, enabling them to build upon the existing body of knowledge within their thematic policy areas. We also work closely with our clients to develop dissemination strategies for their research commissions, addressing key lessons to share, audiences for those lessons, and the appropriate ways in which to reach those audiences.

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